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The Mixologist Post

Mixologist Bartender

This is “The Mixologist Post”. You see there are certain posts I have written on this blog that still get mentioned when I talk to people in person. The post about dating co-workers made it painful the next day at work when all the members of couples would no longer speak to me. The Jardines saga still gets brought up nearly nine months later. I still get emails from people who just discovered “The Epiphany” or “Sergeants and Generals.” I never anticipated any of those posts evoking such strong emotions. This one is a little different.

If you say the word “mixologist” around me, you should either run or get comfortable. Regardless of which option you take there is a rant coming. Today I decided to post the shortest and most diplomatic version of that rant at restaurant laughs. I have a feeling that this is a post I will be hearing about for quite some time. Which is fine. Sometimes my job is to provide reality checks and stir up a little controversy. I think I have that covered today.

There is nothing wrong with taking your job seriously. I obviously take serving seriously enough to write a book and a couple hundred blog posts about it. I do not however call myself a “servologist”, “plate delivery engineer”, “upsell guru”, or any other rediculous name that focuses on one small part of my job in order to make it seem that I have evolved from the long tradition of waiters who came before me. More on that and the rant I might regret writing in The Mixologist Post

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