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The Hospitality Formula Network Is Now Mobile Optimized


Today I am incredibly proud to make an announcement that has been in the works for over six months.  Every site on The Hospitality Formula Network is now fully optimized for all screen sizes.  This means that weather you are reading this on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or even your television; it should be easier to read than ever before.  For those of you who generally read this site on mobile devices, this should be a very welcome development.  This moves the network one step closer to being a reference tool that you carry in your pocket and can use to find the answers you need when you need them.

You have probably already noticed the new Hospitality Formula logo and color scheme.  All of the sites in the network have been completely redesigned with a unique color scheme, logo, and navigation bar.  You can now navigate through each site by topic and subtopic to find the information you need.  These navigation bars update automatically each time a new post is added.  Each site now features only the excerpt of each post on the home page to help you efficiently find posts that are of interest to you.  You also now have the convenient option to see the most popular and most commented posts on the right side of your screen.

Currently, about 30% of the traffic on the network comes from mobile devices.  I find this number amazing because I will be the first to admit that navigating these sites from a mobile device was tedious and frustrating.  My hope is that this will encourage more servers to utilize this information during downtimes at their restaurant to get knowledge they can begin utilizing during their shift.  Mobile optimization for the websites was the first phase.  I am already working on mobile landing pages to make navigating the site on a mobile device or tablet even easier.  My goal is to have an app released for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone by the end of the year.  This will create a fully integrated experience for the mobile user.

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