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The Great Equalizer For Independent Restaurants

My goal and the goal of everything I do with this network of blogs has always been to help provide independent restaurants with the tools they need to compete.  Large restaurant corporations have always had training departments to write training manuals for their servers.  I released Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips to provide a better training system to independent restaurants.  These corporations have teams of people working to create better systems to streamline production and reduce costs.  I am constantly talking with the most brilliant restaurant minds I know to find better systems for you.  I have a massive project underway right now that will give you an advantage over nearly every corporate restaurant chain in running a profitable bar.  They have teams of professionals working on their internet marketing.  I have been working daily since December to find a way to beat them at this game.  Today, I am releasing some reports to help independent restaurant owners crush the chains on the internet.

I am not talking about Groupon or any other discount program.

I am not talking about buying advertising.

I am not talking about spending large amounts of time and money.

I am talking about harnessing the power of the two largest sites on the internet to exploit the inherent weakness of chain restaurants.

The weakness of these corporations is the exact trait that was seen as their strength generations ago.  Ray Kroc found a way to make burgers taste the same no matter which McDonald’s you stopped at.  He preached of the value of conformity.  Restaurant chains still strive to achieve this goal.  This even applies to their internet strategy.  The large chains might have a page on their site for each location, but each locations internet strategy is determined by someone at the corporate office.  Their sites may be bigger and fancier, but they are carbon copies of each other.  This helps with their “corporate branding”, but it kills them on the internet.

Without getting too technical, Google hates carbon copy restaurant websites.  They want to find high quality original content to provide to their users.  Google strives to find local results for your query and does not reward companies who do not provide a local address until five layers deep in their website.  This is particularly true with the installation of Google Places on the front page of Google’s search engine results page.  Google Places is probably the most powerful free small business marketing tool since word of mouth.  This is not hyperbole and I am including the social networking sites in that opinion.  The opportunity is even more amazing because very few restaurants (and no corporate restaurant chains that I have found) are even close to capitalizing on this tool.

Facebook is even leveling the playing field for independent restaurants as well.  On March 31st, all Facebook fan pages will convert automatically to the timeline format.  This means that landing pages will become ineffective.  The fan page guidelines have also changed recently, making many of the promotional tactics that favored them a violation.  Many of the techniques they, and possibly you, have been using will be stopped at the end of this month.  These are being replaced with new features that you can quickly set up fully with no more technical knowledge than using your personal Facebook account does.  A savvy business owner can now have as much impact in a very short time as the corporations’ teams of social networking professionals.

I have been working on a series about Google Places and Search Engine Optimization for a while.  I even tested many of these techniques when I recently built my Kansas City Steakhouse website as a test case.  After reading the announcements about the changes coming to Facebook on March 31st, I put everything else aside to work on some information for restaurant owners.  I haven’t posted on any of the blogs in The Hospitality Formula networks for almost two weeks.  The changes coming to Facebook are too great of a marketing opportunity to not tell you about immediately.

To get this information to you right away, I have put together a package of reports.  These are not blog posts, but over 100 pages of information that you can use today to help your business.  I have written two reports on Facebook for this package.  The first outlines the changes coming with the timeline format and walks you through each of the new features.  The second report details the basics of the algorithm used by Facebook and explains a marketing strategy that will build your brand by providing Facebook exactly what it wants.  These reports are not pages theories, but actually provide a blueprint to launch a successful Facebook marketing strategy.  I am even including over 100 Facebook posts your restaurant can use to help implement this strategy.

I am still working on creating a strategy guide for search engine optimization and Google Places that will be easy to implement for restaurant owners.  I have spent hundreds of dollars on software, webinars, and training guides that have taught me ways to make it more efficient to help my clients and friends’ businesses.  At this point the best advice I can give is to hire a professional.  The problem with that advice is that not all of them are good and even the bad ones charge hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.  I still think it is worth the investment, if you hire someone who has proven results.  In the meantime, I bought the licensing rights to two reports that I think you will benefit from reading because they do a great job of outlining the benefits of search engine optimization and Google Places.  These reports are included in this package.

I am releasing these reports digitally.  This will allow you to access them instantly.  It also allows me to offer them at a price that I would be unable to match due to printing costs alone.  I am introducing the package at a discounted price for a limited time.  This will allow my current readers an opportunity to buy these reports at a price lower than the people searching for answers after the timeline conversion happens.

My regular readers know that I am not out to make a quick buck off of restaurant owners.  I have over 350 posts of free information on this network of blogs.  This is only the second time I have ever offered a premium product.  Let me be clear, I would not ask you to spend a dime if I was not convinced you would not be able to quickly and easily use this information to make far more money.  I would not throw away the trust my readers have placed in me by not over delivering with this package.  Once you see the price it is offered at (which I am not mentioning here because it will go up soon) you will see the incredible value it represents.  If you are ready to give your independent restaurant the advantage it deserves, please check out this incredible Facebook marketing for restaurants package.

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