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The Dangers of Being Understaffed

understaffed restaurant

“You want me to take how many tables?”

In continuing my series about hiring restaurant servers in a strengthening economy, I wanted to discuss the risks of not hiring the servers you need.  restaurant managers are often faced with complaints from servers about being overstaffed.  These complaints may be about not getting enough hours, shifts, tables, or any number of other issues.  This is a very legitimate concern for these servers because it directly affects their livelihoods.  What happens though when they get too much of a good thing?  It often becomes a case where they are reminded to be careful what they wish for.

Your staffing levels should always be based upon what is right for the guest and the bottom line.  They should be considered in that order because what it right for the guest in this case is generally better for the bottom line.  In the strengthening economy it is often difficult to attract and retain top quality servers to allow you to maintain these staffing levels.  When this occurs, service suffers nearly immediately.  As time progresses the situation can become worse as servers are worn thin from trying to carry the extra burdens caused by understaffing.

Today I am going to cover the reasons why understaffing is so dangerous and why the situation can become much worse if it is allowed to continue.  Understaffing is often more dangerous to employee morale than overstaffing.  The effects of understaffing are less not as obvious as seeing bored employees standing around, but you should be just as aware of them.  Before I discuss how to find the staff you need, here are six dangers of restaurant server understaffing.

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