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Teacher Technology Use Agreement

The attached document provides an overview of the key details, resources and expectations of this responsible management of the Newberg School District`s technology resources. Please read this document and consider your role in supporting the responsible use of technology in the Newberg School District. In order for your student to use a digital device, please take the time to review and discuss this document with your students. Educators at the Newberg School District believe that technology offers students unique opportunities to learn, innovate, create, communicate, work together and much more. With these remarkable benefits related to the use of technology in education, the regular use of technology offers students the opportunity to become responsible digital citizens. We want all of our students to be thoughtful and responsible digital citizens, able to make good decisions when using technology and adapting to digital environments. THSNet is an electronic network that accesses the Internet. The Internet is an electronic highway that connects thousands of computers around the world and millions of individual subscribers. Pupils and teachers have access to it: parents/legal guardians and pupils must sign the agreement and return it as soon as possible to the pupil`s school.

How to use: After reading the THSNet account application and the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, please read and complete in full and read the corresponding parts of the following contract. The signature of a parent or legal guardian is also required. Please return the contract to your teacher. All questions should also be directed to your teacher. PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN (if the applicant is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian reads and signs this agreement in most cases. When your account is set up, your teacher will notify you of your login code and user password. Thank you for your interest and support of this exciting new resource in Independence Schools. SPONSORSHIP PROFESSORS.

I have read the general conditions of sale of THSNet and I agree to promote this agreement with the student. As the student may use the network for individual assignments or as part of another class, I cannot be held responsible for the student`s use of the network. As a teacher sponsor, I agree to inform the student of the acceptable use of the network and the correct network etiquette. Despite the impressive scale of school and district involvement, if we take a closer look at the network`s impact on students and teachers, the picture is much less bright due to the strong network access constraints available in most ShareNet schools. Internet access is now available to students and teachers at Truman High School. We are very pleased to have access to Truman High School and believe that THSNet offers students and teachers important, varied and unique resources. Our goal to provide this service to teachers and students is to promote educational excellence in Indian schools by facilitating the exchange of resources, innovation and communication. On one level, ShareNet is an example of a very successful initiative at the district level to create a regional telecommunications network. The network includes 54 school districts in two states, 462 schools with more than 250,000 students and 18,000 teachers.

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