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Reopening The Blogroll

I have been asked by a few bloggers recently if I would add them to my blogroll.  It has been a while since I changed up a blogroll and in that time a few of the sites on there have gone inactive.  I have also figured out the memory problems that made the auto updating […]

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My New Blogroll

Restaurant blogs are a curious thing.  Their authors start them for different reasons and hope to convey different messages.  There are those who use it as a way to relieve the stress of a shift and share their rants with anyone willing to read them.  There are those who have been in the business so […]

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The Lost Art Of Suggestive Selling

This will be relevant by the end of the post. “Subtlety is the art of saying what you think and getting out of the way before it is understood.” –Anonymous We as a society have really lost the power of subtlety.  It could be because we have lost the patience to unravel it.  We receive […]

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A World Without Tips

I am still incredibly grateful for my recent guest post on tipping.  It inspired my response that discussed the economics of tipping.  It also raised a few other interesting points that I am now learning are common misconceptions about restaurants.  For people who have never worked in a restaurant, these misconceptions can easily be mistaken […]

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The Economics of Tipping

I still occasionally get the guest who will say, “I can buy this wine for half this price at the store.”  Which is true, but it doesn’t come with a staff to serve it and a crew of chefs ready to cook you an incredible meal from a fully stocked kitchen.  I wonder if the […]

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