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Suitecrm License Agreement

3.1.1. Certain third-party software is subject to terms other than those stipulated in the agreement. The Company may view the licenses and/or corresponding instructions for third-party software as provided in the text files of the Service and Software. The Company undertakes to comply with the conditions set out in these licenses for the corresponding third-party software. 4.3. Proposals. SugarCRM has a free, worldwide, transferable, licensed, irrevocable license for use, copying, modification or distribution, including the integration into the Software and/or Service of proposals, improvement requests, recommendations or other feedback provided by the Company, including subscription users, on the Software and/or Service. Question 8 – Is there a chance that SuiteCRM will release the system under another, less complicated and simpler license? 3.1.2. The Company may use software developed by third parties to add functionality to the service or software under the GNU General Public License 3 or Sugar Public License (such third-party programs, “third-party plug-ins” and the licenses of such third-party plug-ins are the “TPPI licenses”). SugarCRM authorizes the use of such third-party plug-ins with the Software and Service as long as such use is limited to its internal use by the Company in a manner that does not subject the Software or Service to the terms of the TPPI licenses.

SugarCRM does not guarantee or support third-party plug-ins. However, let us answer your questions as best we can. Question 1: No, we do not, but we will contain appropriate GNU and MIT licenses. As for Sugar, it is now proprietary software, so it has different licenses to consider when using third-party libraries. Question 3 & 4: The plugins inside the SuiteCRM store (unless otherwise stated) are not developed or maintained by us, so it is up to the owner of the plug-ins to choose an appropriate license. As for providing the source for an instance or plug-in, I`ll refer you again to GNU: www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#CanIDemandACopy I thought that, since it`s your business, you`re also responsible for licensing and security, like all the other big companies like Apple or Google, that impose the license in their stores. If someone sells a plugin in your company and the plugin is not compatible with AGPL, what`s the point of publishing and selling it? This section does not apply to publicly available or independently developed information or to the open source version of the SugarCRM software licensed under TPPI. If you don`t object to what I`m asking, how can you provide your customers with information about the software license if you don`t have that list? As I understand it, the system is under the AGPL, but to check the entire program, you have to take into account all the other licenses. It is only possible if you order with all licenses. Otherwise, these are just “good intentions” and unfortunately, there is no place for good intentions in business. . .


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