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Stud Dog Agreement

A farm service contract is provided by the owner of the stud farm – it is a written agreement signed between the parent rod and the owner of the dam. The treaty guarantees the success of the breeding and ensures that the two parties that conclude the agreement respect the end of the agreement while protecting the health and well-being of the stud, mother and offspring. The contract must be signed by each owner and clearly state their service rights. As a dam owner, you should also be included on your dog`s own genetic profile to determine if certain characteristics carry dominant or recessive alleles. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a stud farm can correct your mother`s unfavorable quality if it is caused by a single dominant alll – be sure to do your research in advance to avoid disappointment! For this reason, you should look at a few things on your stud from the moment of purchase. If the pregnancy and delivery are successful, the contract must be detailed on the fact that the owner of the stud farm is required to complete the corresponding registration documents and return them to the mother`s owner. The paperwork should confirm when and where the mating took place and that the stud is the father of the puppy throw. As the dog is removed from its environment, your presence can reassure her in such intimidating scenarios. But you should take into account that the stud might not happen if there are foreigners. You should always make sure your dog is well cared for and physically fit – make sure he trains and/or trains regularly, eats well and has regular check-ups. For him to be considered a true champion, he must always be in top form. Identify its strengths and market them as much as possible – don`t be afraid to promote your stud if it can meet expectations.

Never mislead dam owners about stud farms or qualities, as the lives of future puppies are at stake. This has to attest to the breeding dog: ` As you can see, it may seem a bit complicated, but overall it is not. Knowing what you are willing to do as a breeding dog owner will help determine what you will offer in the contract. Finally, a frost is a little more involved and many breeders will freeze the seed of a farm dog to keep if anything happens to it. Frozen is used for long-distance farms or even for al-alpine farms.

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