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Set Schedules As A Manager

"Did you get my note on the back of a bubble gum wrapper asking for this thursday off?"

One of the most time consuming tasks a manager faces during the week is writing the server schedule.  Hours can be spent digging up scraps of paper and consulting server availability just to get coverage for a particular shift.  This is followed by the inevitable complaints from people who work too little or too much.  It is a task most managers dread.  It is also one that can be avoided.

This week I have discussed the advantages and disadvantages to having a set schedule from a server’s perspective.  Today I wanted to wrap this topic up by discussing the impact it has on managers.  All things considered, I think this can be tremendously beneficial for managers.  There are some downsides though.  Knowing both the advantages and the disadvantages will help you make a better decision when debating set scheduling.

There are a few disadvantages to implementing set schedules as a manager.

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3 Responses to Set Schedules As A Manager

  1. theinsidewaiter September 24, 2010 at 1:57 am #

    Scheduling is time consuming and awful.

    My current restaurant is fantastic about scheduling. In fact, one gets to submit a weekly request-work/request-off form. It’s a dream.

    I think it all depends on the type of restaurant you’re managing. For example, set schedules would never work in my current restaurant because the waiters are all artists, and have no set schedules.

    My old restaurant had about ten waiters who were all career waiters. Scheduling was based on seniority, and also, how regular your schedule was. In other words, you were rewarded for being a career waiter. If you had a set schedule, you always got that schedule.

    • tipsfortips September 28, 2010 at 12:13 am #

      The degree to which it is time consuming and awful is directly proportionate to the amount of flexibility given to the staff. There is really no flexibility in my schedule. Makes it easier for the manager to write it, but tougher on us to get shifts off. The key is having a staff that will give favors and reciprocate them.


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