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Restaurant Lessons From Chef Jasper Mirabile

jasper mirabile

Meet Chef Jasper

A couple of weeks ago I took my girlfriend out for a romantic post Valentines day dinner.  One of the risks of going out to dinner with me is that it could quickly turn into a note taking experience.  While I did not pull out a pen and paper, I was busted for taking notes.  It is like scheduling a date during the big game, you better make sure there are no televisions around.  Any person with a passion for the restaurant industry would have a hard time not taking notes on the professionalism displayed by Chef Jasper Mirabile in his dining room.

So today I want to share with you my notes.  I learned a great deal while sitting in Chef Jasper’s dining room.  There are lessons all restaurant owners and managers can learn from the Chef.  I wrote them up for the benefit of all in a post I call What Restaurant Owners Should Learn From Chef Jasper.

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