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Reopening The Blogroll

I have been asked by a few bloggers recently if I would add them to my blogroll.  It has been a while since I changed up a blogroll and in that time a few of the sites on there have gone inactive.  I have also figured out the memory problems that made the auto updating blogrolls crash my sites.  With that all being said I am proud to announce the new and improved Hospitality Formula Network blogrolls.  Well I will be introducing them soon.  First I want to give you all a chance to make some recommendations.

Instead of a single blogroll on all of the sites, I want each site to have a specific group of blogs that it links to.  The goal is to give the audience of each blog access to a set of sites that are most relevant to them.  Here is how it will break down:

Hospitality Formula (www.hospitalityformula.com) will host all of the restaurant specific sites from each of the lists.

Tips Squared (www.tipssquared.com) will feature serving and customer service specific sites.

The Manager’s Office (www.themanagersoffice.com) will feature site specific to restaurant management.  It will also feature some of the best blogs on the net for restaurant operations, marketing, and leadership.

Foodie Knowledge (www.foodieknowledge.com) will be a collection of food and cooking sites.  It will also feature some of the best sites on dining culture.

Restaurant Laughs (www.restaurantlaughs.com) will be the best collection around of server and restaurant humor sites.

There are going to be three rules that I am hoping all the sites I include will follow.

First, there can be no profanity in the titles of your posts.  It isn’t that I am a prude, but a large number of my readers use their computers at work.  If there are profanities popping up on my site from the blogroll, their corporate filters might block my site.  Cuss all you want in the posts, but keep the titles clean as a courtesy.

Second, I would appreciate you linking me back.  It is the nice thing to do.  Link to any or all of the sites, but at least the ones your site is on.

Third, you cannot charge other sites to be on your blogroll.  I recently caught wind that some server bloggers were doing this.  We are a community.  We all started off small and worked hard to get where we are.  We should be helping each other and not exploiting one and other.  I can’t stop anyone from doing this, but I am not going out of my way to help promote them if they will not do the same for others.

So what sites/blogs/feeds should I include?  I am open to any suggestions.  Do you write a site that falls into one of these categories?  Introduce yourself.  I have a pretty solid list, but I am sure there are some that I am missing.  Leave a comment or shoot me an email at david@hospitalityformula.com with your recommendations.   



About David Hayden

Restaurant industry professional helping small restaurants with their training, operations, and marketing needs. Author of Tips2: Tips For Increasing Your Tips and Building Your Brand With Facebook. You can also visit my other websites and blogs at: http://www.tips2book.com http://www.restaurant-marketing-plan.com http://www.themanagersoffice.com http://www.tipssquared.com http://www.foodieknowledge.com http://www.restaurantlaughs.com http://www.tipsfortips.wordpress.com

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