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Mixologist Bartender

The Mixologist Post

This is “The Mixologist Post”. You see there are certain posts I have written on this blog that still get mentioned when I talk to people in person. The post about dating co-workers made it painful the next day at work when all the members of couples would no longer speak to me. The Jardines […]

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Restaurant Serving Jobs

Top 10 Factors To Consider About A Restaurant Serving Job

If we are going to be honest with ourselves, not ever restaurant server is cut out for every restaurant serving job. There is a dance that has to be done to find the right job for the right person. It is not that the job or the server are bad. They might just not be […]

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restaurant marketing facebook

Your Restaurant Facebook Account Could Be Gone Tomorrow

Restaurant marketing with Facebook is something most every restaurant has tried.  Very soon this could vanish for restaurant owners who are in violation of the Facebook Terms of Service (ToS).  Hundreds or thousands of fans could vanish overnight along with all or the correspondences, pictures, and other content contained on their Facebook pages.  It is […]

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restaurant server training manual

Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips Is New and Improved

Hopefully you are aware of the book I released as a great supplement to the average restaurant server training manual.  Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips was released just over a year ago.  Sales are still strong and I have received a number of great reviews both online and through email.  At the time the book […]

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Google+ Local for Restaurants

Google+ Local For Restaurants: Free Report

This month’s free report at Restaurant Marketing Plan covers in depth the best practices to utilize Google+ Local for Restaurants.  This is an incredibly powerful tool for independent restaurants and I want to make sure that all of the restaurant owners and managers that read this blog are recieving the most up to date information […]

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