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Number 7: Undeveloped Rants

The “Random Thoughts From A Server” series began as a series of lines I scribbled on a piece of paper while I waited for some campers to leave.  I kept this piece of paper in my pocket and would scribble down lines from time to time.  When I decided to type them up, the floodgates opened.  Soon I had a four page file of rants that I would make an entire year worth of slightly angry blog posts.  I try to avoid angry blog posts so I decided instead to share some of these undeveloped rants in the original “Random Thoughts From A Server” post.  Three more posts followed in the series and I still have a growing file of them today.  These should provide a nice Christmas Eve laugh to enjoy while waiting for Santa to arrive.

(Yes, that is me presenting a partially consumed bottle of wine to a table.  It was a shot that was considered for the cover of my book until someone pointed that detail out.)

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