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Number 10: Sauce and Server Blogging

I am starting off this countdown with a topic near and dear to my heart.  There are a great number of cautionary tales out there about servers starting a blog.  This is why most blogging servers choose to remain anonymous.  “Sauce” was a little different.  She was very open and positive about her restaurant.  This in turn gave her several opportunities to represent her company.  When the restaurant she worked for was sold, it took the new owners a moment to determine where this server blogger fit into their marketing strategy.

I am proud to report that after this situation first became public, the company softened its stance.  Sauce is still blogging about life and even the orange shorts.  Find out why this became such an issue and the dangers of server blogging  in article number 10:  Hooters, Sauce, and The Challenges of Server Bloggers

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