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Model Grant Agreement Significato

Since this is a `business model`, the articles we find in the new MGA do not regulate all the elements of Horizon Europe`s implementation, but only the financial aspects common to all the programmes in which they are applied. Indeed, the characteristic elements of each of them are defined in a document attached to the Corporate MGA (annex) and which is currently defined with regard to Horizon Europe (the main content is iPR; ethics; Open access;…) Source: www.versohorizoneurope.it/articoli/il-model-grant-agreement-di-horizon-europe-la-commissione-europea-adotta-il-corporate-mga/ The new MGA was developed to simplify and harmonize rules and processes in the European context. Indeed, the new contract model is applied in all European directly managed programmes (not just Horizon Europe), funded under the Multi-Year Financial Framework (MFF), and is therefore called the Corporate Model Grant Agreement precisely because of its widespread use. As a result, six months after the launch of the new framework program, project implementation clauses have been defined. We will find continuity with Horizon 2020, but also substantial changes, especially with regard to specific issues (for example. B staff costs), which we will return shortly with lessons learned. The Commission`s approach has protected everything that has worked effectively so far, but refined or renewed the elements that have complicated or burdened the system. On this link, you can see the text of the “Corporate MGA” adopted by the Commission. The text – in which all APRE members participated – deals with issues considered to be most relevant in light of the ongoing debate on the new programme, the consolidated legislation and the policy document recently published by the European Commission. The text also takes into account the positions expressed several times by the APRE during the preparation and legislative review of Horizon Europe. In concrete terms, the Europe MGA horizon is structured as follows: two important documents, written by APRE as part of Europe`s strategic planning process, were published today, along with the Research and Innovation Days in Brussels. The positioning document “Towards Horizon Europe” represents the contribution of thePRE to the strategic planning process of the next framework programme and to the setting of IR priorities for 2021-2024. What is the implementation strategy – In parallel with strategic planning, the Commission has begun to develop the implementation strategy: the aim is to define the strictest administrative aspects before the start of the programme (“will explain how the programme will be managed in practice”) prior to the launch of the programme: work programmes, presentation and evaluation of the proposal, standard grant agreement, dissemination and use of project results, data collection and processing.

The European Commission has published a policy paper and launched a public consultation (the deadline has been extended to 4 October). Where are we with Horizon Europe and strategic planning? Find out here! These two documents – used in response to the various consultations of the European Commission in recent months – are another contribution of the APRE in preparation for the launch of the new programme.

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