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Marketing With Facebook

A Marketer's Dream?

Social networking is not a new concept.  People have always passed along their recommendations and opinions to friends and acquaintances on any number of topics.  What is new is the scope and frequency at which these opinions can be shared.  Facebook and a number of other sites allow people to not only share the opinions, but also invite others to act on them.  This is a marketer’s dream.  Allowing people to directly advertise to their circle of influence with just the click of a mouse.

Restaurants have often been accused of being late adapters of technology.  Owners and managers have been trained to avoid spending time at a desk.  This has lead to this technology being underutilized and improperly utilized by many restaurants that have made the attempt.  There is tremendous potential with this technology for restaurants who are willing to exert the effort to harness it.  A properly planned and executed facebook strategy will yield impressive results with a minimum time investment.

Here are the basic steps in implementing a successful facebook marketing strategy for your restaurant:

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