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Kansas City SEO by Hospitality Formula Consulting

Kansas City Search Engine Optimzation

Hospitality Formula Consulting provides a variety of Kansas City SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to local businesses who feel their bottom line would be improved by greater exposure on the World Wide Web.  The internet has replaced the Yellow Pages as the first place people turn to find goods and services.  This is why it is vital for small businesses to stand out when their potential clients are searching the in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines.  Unlike the Yellow Pages this does not require an expensive advertisement or changing the name of your business to “AAAAA (insert industry here)”.  To come up first in the major search directories, you must focus on a different set of priorities.  Managing these priorities is the role of a Kansas City SEO specialist.

David Hayden began learning about search engine optimization as an author and blogger.  With the need to stretch every dollar of his marketing budget, he began relentlessly searching the internet for information on how he could reach more readers.  As he began to see success, independent restaurant owners from around the country began to reach out to him to help their small restaurants grow.  The restaurant industry is a highly competitive market with large corporations and directories (OpenTable, Urban Spoon, Yelp, et al) dominating the first pages of search results.  As the small restaurants that sought his help began finding themselves at the top of the search results, people in other industries began seeking out David to help with their Kansas City Search Engine Optimization needs.

David Hayden understands being a small business owner trying to work with a very limited budget.  While his Kansas City SEO services are first class, his prices are well below what most of his competitors charge.  He doesn’t work out of a fancy office or fly around the country attending over-priced social gatherings disguised as conferences.  This allows him to avoid passing the price of that overhead to his clients.  He instead offers reasonable prices for services that have been proven effective and produce the highest return on investment.

“I work with companies I like and I believe in.  I want to work with small companies who are struggling to compete with large corporations and help them succeed.  There is far more money in working for corporations, but it is far less rewarding personally.  If the trade-off is not having a fancy desk in a corner office, I am okay with it.  I have done my research on the factors that Google uses to rank websites and have proven the size of the SEO consultant’s office is not one of the factors it measures.”

If you would like to learn more about Hospitality Formula Consulting’s Kansas City Search Engine Optimization services, please contact David at David@HosptialityFormula.com