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Job Hunting: Questions To Ask

It's That Time Of Year

The start of the year is always a time of transition. Most servers are in their best financial situation of the year after coming out of the holiday season.  This often leads to them setting a new year’s resolution to find a new job.  Whether it was the stress of the holidays or simply the need for change, this is the migration season for servers.  Resumes are tightened up and applications are being submitted.

Interviews are always part of this process.  They are also the scariest part of the process for most applicants.  Nervousness about their experience or work history leads many servers to simply try to survive the interview process.  This is unfortunate because it causes servers to make decisions about their future without needed information.  Proceeding without this knowledge leads to many stressful weeks after starting a new job.

The root cause of this problem is that applicants often do not fully understand the purpose of the interview process.  An interview should be time for both the employer and the applicant to find out if they are a good fit for each other.  Employers hold the power in the process, but also stand to lose the time and money they invested if they are not a good fit for the applicant. Failing to ask questions until after the job has been offered often leads applicants to take a job that they will not be able to maintain.  Looking at this process as a mutual interview allows both parties to be confident that they are moving forward in the best possible way.

As the person seeking the job, you must rid yourself of the notion that asking questions will be perceived as rude.  While there are certainly questions that are inappropriate to ask, most questions are not.  Taking a job is a commitment.  A commitment of this nature should not be taken lightly or without careful consideration.  The perception of a wise manager is that you are showing the same level of consideration in accepting the job that they are in offering it to you.

There is also another advantage of asking questions.  If you look at a first interview as a first date, you can understand the logic here.  You will go in and try to sell your skills and talents to the interviewer.  When you do not have any questions of them, you will be perceived as desperate.  Desperation in a job hunter, or a first date, is incredible unattractive.  Showing that you value yourself and your abilities will make them want you more.

With that in mind, here are some questions to ask on an interview:

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