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Ipswitch License Agreement

(c) leasing, leasing, selling, distribution, collateral, assignment, sublicensing or any other transfer or transfer or other transfer of rights to the product; 1.3.3. Type of maturity license. Your license to use the product is continued until the expiry of the order period, unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with the terms of this ECJ. If we continue to make the product available to our customers, you can purchase a new expiry license for the product from us or through our authorized dealer. 2.A.2. Updates. Each update to an On-Premise product replaces a part or all of the “On Premise” product (or previous update) that was previously authorized to you (“Replaced Product”) and completes that previously licensed replaced product as long as it has been replaced by the update; however, provided that the replaced product can continue to operate up to ninety (90) days after the update is delivered, in order to complete its update. You must use the replaced product at the end of the 90th (90th) day. Each update is subject to the terms of the license agreement that are attached to the update and which you must accept at the time of downloading or installing the update. If you do not accept the license agreement attached to the update, do not download the update or install it. 1.14.

Review. We can install and use automated licensing, management and/or application tracking solutions with the product you can`t disrupt or modify. They will record records of this ECJ and the use of the product and all updates and/or services it will provide. These records contain at least the number of licenses you have purchased and used. At our expense and with reasonable written notification, we or a third party designated by us can verify the records and, if necessary, the systems on which the product or update is installed, to ensure compliance with the terms of this Board. We will have the right to conduct audits if necessary. These audits can be carried out on site in a location where you have installed the product, remotely from our offices or a combination of both, if it applies to the product. On-site audits are conducted during normal business hours, and neither on-site nor remotely, this will unduly affect their activities.

You agree to share copies of all of the above recordings, as well as product log files and other information that we immediately requested upon request, but under no circumstances more than five (5) working days after receiving our written question (or, if applicable, as long as we specify in the written question). We treat all information we receive or access during the examination as confidential information in accordance with Section 1.11 (Confidentiality) to be used by us only as necessary to ensure compliance and application of the terms of this SERVICE.

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