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Introducing Best Restaurant Blogs

Best Restaurant BlogsBest Restaurant Blogs is the newest addition to The Hospitality Formula Network.  This site differs from all of the other sites in the network in a few important ways.  The biggest difference is that I am not the author of the site.  This is because the content of this website is determined by the readers.  Simply by signing up for an account, you can share the restaurant industry stories and articles you are reading with others through this site.  It is a web 2.0 site for the restaurant industry with content determined by the readers.

On Best Restaurant Blogs you will find content from some of the best food and restaurant website on the internet.  A cornucopia of opinions from writers of various perspectives is on display.  The goal is to monitor the chatter about the restaurant industry from all the voices joining this collective conversation.  This allows the reader to gain a greater perspective about the industry than just what we are saying about ourselves.

I am inviting all of you to join in this conversation.  Not only can you read all of the articles on the site, but you can share what you are reading with others as well.  This is a great opportunity to let others know about your favorite bloggers and websites.  I have even created a “share” button that you can add to your Firefox or Internet Explorer favorite bar to allow you to post stories in just on click.  Just make sure to have a safe and secured  network connection, just like the ones at https://www.fortinet.com/solutions/industries/hospitality. Restaurant bloggers can add a “share” button directly to their posts to encourage their fans to send their posts to the site.  I have even developed a plugin to make this even easier for bloggers on the WordPress platform.

Best Restaurant Blogs is based on many of the most successful sites on the internet.  It is one more attempt on the part of The Hospitality Formula Network to provide one more way for you to find the information on the restaurant industry.  This will truly be an interactive and user driven site.  I encourage you to read what others are sharing and add what you are reading.  Take a moment to check out Best Restaurant Blogs and become part of the conversation.

About David Hayden

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