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Google+ Local For Restaurants: Free Report

Google+ Local for Restaurants

This month’s free report at Restaurant Marketing Plan covers in depth the best practices to utilize Google+ Local for Restaurants.  This is an incredibly powerful tool for independent restaurants and I want to make sure that all of the restaurant owners and managers that read this blog are recieving the most up to date information on this tool.  In this report you can learn more about the new features that will help you interact with your guests as well as the new Zagat rating system.  This is a must read for anyone looking to bring more guests into their restaurant and I am offering it for free.

This is setting up a series to be introduced soon covering the importance of guest reviews.  Google+ Local is already the most important source of cutomer reviews.  It is the first result that will show for your restaurant and is making strides towards being the most accurate source of reviews.  Google+ Local now requires reviews be attached to a Google+ account.  This should cause negative reviews left by disgruntled employees and unethical competitors to go away.  Soon the first result for your restaurant will be the one showing the best reviews, but only if you get your account accurately configured.

I strongly recommend visiting Restaurant Marketing Plan and requesting your free copy of Google+ Local for Restaurants.

On an unrelated note, postings have slowed Kansas City hosted the MLB All Star Game.  After months of hype and predictions of 100,000 visitors coming to town, restaurants around the city are suffering from blown budgets and overstuffed coolers.  If you have ever forecasted for a major event that didn’t occur, you know the feeling of frustration.  You might have even wished you had a platform to let the people who blew your budget a piece of you mind.  I do have such a platform and I had a few choice words for the KCCVB about the True Cost of the All Star Hype.

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