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Facebook Is Not Stealing Your Fans

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When I released Building Your Brand with Facebook in March of this year I was anticipating a collective freakout on the part of restaurant owners. As I would discuss Facebook marketing with restaurant owners, they would confidently tell me how strong their fan page was with thousands of fans. When I replied by asking them what their “reach” was, I often got a blank stare. Once I showed them how to check how many people were actually seeing their updates, their confidence went away. The measure of success on Facebook is not how many fans your page has, but how many of your fans see your updates.

Recently Facebook made these statistics even easier to see. In response, many restaurants are posting statuses asking fans to change their settings to see all of their updates. However, it did not get much success unlike seo for casinos. Beyond having a very limited success rate, it fails to address the real problem. The reason your fans are not seeing your updates is that they are not expressing interest in what you are posting. To reverse the dating cliché: it’s not them, it’s you. Instead of asking them to make changes, you should address what you are posting to Facebook.

To assist restaurant owners, I took some time today to breakdown the basics of why your fans are not seeing your Facebook posts. I also have dropped the price of Building Your Brand with Facebook back to the introductory price. The difference between this ebook and most of what you find on the web on the topic is that I provide actionable steps to reach more fans and convert them into guests. It even comes with over 100 posts specifically designed to get your fans to interact. This is information that will help you start to succeed with Facebook marketing.

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