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Even More Tricks For Servers

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It has been a pretty busy week in my corner of the planet.  I celebrated one more of those birthday things.  The Hospitality Formula Network celebrated it’s first official year of existence.  It went live a year ago this week as I took the leap from a single blog to an entire network.  I attended a great benefit for the ex-employees of Jardines.  There was even my first full work-free day since June 24th.

So we are back today with another installment of my “Five Simple Tricks” series.  This is the fourth installment and the other three can be found from links within the post.  Probably not the most exciting series on this network, but these are the tricks that will simplify your work life.  If you add up all the time saved in all of these posts, you might find yourself having much more time for the things that are more important than sidework.  One of those might be listening to the leak of the upcoming single from fellow Kansas Citian, pancake making rapper, and Bennett’s cousin Mac Lethal.  Check it out.

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