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Escargot and A Jardines Follow Up


“Did you hear what happened at Jardines?”

Apparently that question has been asked a great deal lately.  Yesterday’s post about what happens when the owner of a local landmark fires her entire staff has smashed all of my records for views of a single post in a day.  This is a story that you should read if you haven’t already.  The comments and emails I have received from former employees make it clear that my story was just the tip of the iceberg.  There will be more information forthcoming and even some tips on how you can help the “Jardines 15.”

I do think it merits mentioning that my goal is not to go after restaurants on this blog.  A good friend asked me if I was worried about alienating other restaurant owners by speaking out about this one.  Let me make my position clear.  I have never called out a restaurant owner (except Aaron Sanchez) on this blog.  I am not out to right every perceived wrong in the restaurant industry and choose to err on the side of restraint most of the time.  However, if you fire your entire staff weeks before the holidays after acting erratically and while owing them back tips, then you are probably not someone I want to be working with.  If you then try to leak off the record comments to the media that the reason behind it was because they were all stealing from you, I will call you out.  If this makes a restaurant owner not want to do business with me, then I think it is a litmus test that serves me well.

Back to our normally scheduled programing.

Today, I am posting in Foodie Knowledge a topic that I have been meaning to cover for a while.  Snails a delicious and a great way to start a meal.  I discuss what safeguards insure that your snails are safe and try to clear up some misconceptions.  If you serve escargot, this is a post you should read.  If you don’t serve escargot, it still might be amusing.

Read about Escargot at Foodie Knowledge.

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