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End User Agreement

9. Copyrights and Trademarks All materials and information content on the AJAX site (ajax.systems), in AJAX Mobile or in other applications and in their software are the property of AJAX and are used by AJAX. You may not copy, distribute or disclose any materials or informational content (including logos, images or data) or use them in a manner inconsistent with the exclusive rights of the copyright owner or trademark owner, unless you have our written permission. All elements and objects used in the software, including images (static and dynamic), texts, functions, user interface, audio tracks and sounds, as well as color combinations, are the intellectual property of AJAX and may only be used by you in connection with the software for the use of the software, as described in the agreement. You may not disassemble the software or extract any elements/objects from the software. You also do not have the right to create copies of items/objects by copying them from the software and to create screenshots for any purpose other than notifying AJAX Support of technical problems that may arise while using the software or products. All rights not expressly granted to you under the License pursuant to this Agreement or other applicable agreements belong to AJAX. 10. AJAX Privacy Policy is committed to protecting your privacy with respect to all information collected under this Agreement. By purchasing and using AJAX products and software, you confirm that you have accepted this agreement and that you accept the privacy policy set out on our website (ajax.systems/privacy-policy/). For the purpose of providing our warranty service, technical support and/or hardware repair functions, AJAX reserves the right to request the addition of our account under [email protected] as an administrator or PRO user on your device.

However, Ajax bears all warranties and conditions of confidentiality that are logical and applicable in such circumstances. After completing the app maintenance and processing your request, you can send your request to AJAX to remove the account from your device. Our account under [email protected] will only be removed from your device when you submit your request, and it will remain in sleep mode until we have received a new technical support request from you. .

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