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Best Restaurant Blogs

Introducing Best Restaurant Blogs

Best Restaurant Blogs is the newest addition to The Hospitality Formula Network.  This site differs from all of the other sites in the network in a few important ways.  The biggest difference is that I am not the author of the site.  This is because the content of this website is determined by the readers. […]

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restaurant server training manual

Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips Is New and Improved

Hopefully you are aware of the book I released as a great supplement to the average restaurant server training manual.  Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips was released just over a year ago.  Sales are still strong and I have received a number of great reviews both online and through email.  At the time the book […]

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Server Training For Intelligent Servers

I am continuing preview week with a peek at the upcoming focus on server training and more specifically server training manuals.  I recently created, narrated, and released a video discussing my beliefs here.  They can be summarized fairly simply: most restaurant server training manuals are written with the assumption that both the server and guest are […]

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Tips²: Tips For Improving Your Tips

The Writer’s Dilemma

I gave into exhaustion last night and went to sleep when the clock still read PM.  This in turn had me awake earlier than normal.  I grabbed my laptop and started writing before the coffee kicked in.  This lead to a post that will have to be taken down in the next month or so.  […]

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Skill Focus: Don’t Be “The Server”

The skill focus this week is about how servers can improve rapport and increase their tips by being more than just another generic server.  No one wants to have a robotic server who feels that they are working from a script.  It is the antithesis of hospitality and will leave guests unimpressed.  This week I […]

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