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Darden International

Why I Won’t Eat At Darden Restaurants

I promised a very important post on Friday and today I am delivering with my thoughts on the disappointing leadership displayed by Darden Restaurants. Their recent decision to publicly announce cutting hours of employees in four test markets to avoid the costs of providing health insurance is deplorable. To make such a public announcement over […]

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Restaurant Serving Jobs

Top 10 Factors To Consider About A Restaurant Serving Job

If we are going to be honest with ourselves, not ever restaurant server is cut out for every restaurant serving job. There is a dance that has to be done to find the right job for the right person. It is not that the job or the server are bad. They might just not be […]

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Server Training For Intelligent Servers

I am continuing preview week with a peek at the upcoming focus on server training and more specifically server training manuals.  I recently created, narrated, and released a video discussing my beliefs here.  They can be summarized fairly simply: most restaurant server training manuals are written with the assumption that both the server and guest are […]

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What Are The Expectations Of Fine Dining Service?

I was watching a restaurant review show recently where they discussed a Kansas City Steakhouse that I have written about a great deal lately.  One of the reviewers said something very interesting.  She stated, “For the prices I was paying I felt like I should have my own server.”  I found this statement very interesting.  […]

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Tips²: Tips For Improving Your Tips

The Writer’s Dilemma

I gave into exhaustion last night and went to sleep when the clock still read PM.  This in turn had me awake earlier than normal.  I grabbed my laptop and started writing before the coffee kicked in.  This lead to a post that will have to be taken down in the next month or so.  […]

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