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The Challenge of Server Health Insurance

Last week’s post about Darden and restaurant server health insurance led to many interesting conversations this week. In perusing different sites the article was shared on, I noticed a strong undertone of hostility towards the idea that employers should provide health insurance. In other cases people were upset at the notion of the government subsidizing […]

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Darden International

Why I Won’t Eat At Darden Restaurants

I promised a very important post on Friday and today I am delivering with my thoughts on the disappointing leadership displayed by Darden Restaurants. Their recent decision to publicly announce cutting hours of employees in four test markets to avoid the costs of providing health insurance is deplorable. To make such a public announcement over […]

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Finding Restaurant Servers

Do Not Wait To Hire Restaurant Servers

As I wrap up my series on hiring restaurant servers in an improving economy, I wanted to address the need for speed and decisiveness in the hiring process.  Too many restaurants have become accustomed to the luxury of being able to conduct 2-3 interviews with candidates before making a job offer.  These same restaurants are […]

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understaffed restaurant

The Dangers of Being Understaffed

In continuing my series about hiring restaurant servers in a strengthening economy, I wanted to discuss the risks of not hiring the servers you need.  restaurant managers are often faced with complaints from servers about being overstaffed.  These complaints may be about not getting enough hours, shifts, tables, or any number of other issues.  This is […]

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Restaurant Marketing on Facebook

A Better Use Of Facebook For Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant marketing on Facebook has been a hot topic on this blog lately.  Since the release of my Facebook Restaurant Marketing package. I have been building towards the release of a new blog on The Hospitality Formula Network.  You have seen the ads on each of the sites, but those are only the beginning.  Today, I am wrapping up preview week […]

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