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server slang

Server Slang From The Side Station

Today I am giving a peek behind the fourth wall.  Yes, servers do make comments about their guests and co-workers to each other.  This does not merit being paranoid, generally guests are not really interesting enough to have long discussions about.  They also recieve a huge benefit of the doubt from their server.  In most […]

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The Big Announcement (Part One)

In yesterday’s post, I teased a big announcement coming today.  Being a man of my word, I will deliver that announcement today.  Being a savvy blogger, you might have to wait an extra paragraph ot two for it.  I tease these things, it is what I do. Before the big announcement, I would like to […]

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restaurant humor

Eight Signs You Don’t Want To See At Your Restaurant

As we wrap up the holiday where we give thanks, I decided to point out that it could always be worse.  There are certain signs that you would never want to see in your restaurant.  I gathered up eight of them for today’s post to give you eight reasons to be thankful.  A few inside […]

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T-Shirts For Servers

Recently, some friends of mine went to Turkey. They brought me back an evil eye. As I understand it would more accurately be called an “eviler eye.” The concept is that it protects you from “evil eye” curses by returning an even more evil eye. I have not yet determined how I can work this […]

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Random Thoughts From A Server IV

I ended last week writing about a very serious topic, but one that I felt needed to be addressed.  I’ve decided that in order to help raise the spirits on this special day that I should add a post to Restaurant Laughs.  I haven’t posted an installment of the “Random Thoughts” series in a few […]

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