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Restaurant industry professional helping small restaurants with their training, operations, and marketing needs. Author of Tips2: Tips For Increasing Your Tips and Building Your Brand With Facebook. You can also visit my other websites and blogs at: http://www.tips2book.com http://www.restaurant-marketing-plan.com http://www.themanagersoffice.com http://www.tipssquared.com http://www.foodieknowledge.com http://www.restaurantlaughs.com http://www.tipsfortips.wordpress.com

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Mixologist Bartender

The Mixologist Post

This is “The Mixologist Post”. You see there are certain posts I have written on this blog that still get mentioned when I talk to people in person. The post about dating co-workers made it painful the next day at work when all the members of couples would no longer speak to me. The Jardines […]

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restaurant stories

The Return of Weird Restaurant Stories

Those of you who have been fans of this network of blogs since the beginning (and a sincere thank you to both of you) might remember a blog I own called Restaurant Laughs.  Even though I try to keep the other blogs serious and informative, I do enjoy cracking jokes.  These jokes landed on Restaurant […]

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Number 7: Undeveloped Rants

The “Random Thoughts From A Server” series began as a series of lines I scribbled on a piece of paper while I waited for some campers to leave.  I kept this piece of paper in my pocket and would scribble down lines from time to time.  When I decided to type them up, the floodgates […]

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Number 9: All I Need Is One Line(rs)

(A link for those who missed the epic NAS reference in the title) If I am going to be honest, I will admit that I have an awful sense of humor.  I love one liners and bad puns.  One of the easiest ways to know that I was your server is that I will drop […]

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Number 10: Sauce and Server Blogging

I am starting off this countdown with a topic near and dear to my heart.  There are a great number of cautionary tales out there about servers starting a blog.  This is why most blogging servers choose to remain anonymous.  “Sauce” was a little different.  She was very open and positive about her restaurant.  This […]

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