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Bob The Trainer Is A Jerk

Exhibit A

One of the coolest parts of having this blog is the fact that people randomly send me material to write about.  This comes in particularly handy when the snowpocalypse hits and I end up not waiting on many tables.  This is an example of one of those stories I might have missed.  Normally I would hold off on this story until my Saturday column.  I just have a rant coming on and Bob The Trainer will do just fine as a subject.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bob The Trainer he is a popular cartoon character amongst the under 5-year-old crowd.  He builds things and teaches kids valuable lessons.  My Godson is totally into him.  Oh wait, that is Bob The Builder.  Who the hell is this Bob The Trainer guy and why is he newsworthy?

A quick wiki-search reveals that he is a personal trainer on “The Biggest Loser.”  He is also a yoga instructor, was voted sexiest vegetarian, and has a third nipple.  I tend to doubt the validity of at least one of those wikifacts.  I don’t watch weight loss shows on television.  If I were to start, it would not be with a show whose title is subtly mocking the participants.  Call me crazy, but at surface level this show seems as exploitive as anything on television and I have watched an episode of “Rock of Love.”

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