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Apwu Ptf Hub Agreement

THE LOSS OF MAIL VOLUME, THE IMPACT OF AUTOMATION AND OVERSHOOT HAVE BEEN A SERIOUS THREAT TO THE WORKING TIME OF PART-TIME WORKERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY. The loss of working time for our members has been worse in some areas than in others. We have diligently looked for a way to create additional jobs for flexible part-time workers. We are also looking for innovative ways to create full-time assignments. In order to create more employment opportunities for our TFP members, the Clerk Division recently resolved an important case (Q90C-4Q-C 93034651) involving the use of TFP personnel in facilities other than its work office. The case was created in Albany, Ny, where the Albany District has the practice of recruiting TFP employees and requiring, as a condition of employment, that they work in facilities other than their employment office. This sowed chaos, as these “Hub-Clerks,” as they were called, had designated several offices as their “Employ Office” and the USPS took the position that they did not have to pay any travel expenses because they were hired with this understanding. This pioneering agreement puts the problem to rest once and for all. The decision states that TFP employees can only have one “employment office” and that this must be indicated on their PS 50 form. The agreement also specifies that when TFP employees are assigned to work in offices outside their “employment office”, this must be done in accordance with the current provisions of the national agreement. This means that they are entitled to mileage and/or travel time, depending on the circumstances. We are currently in the process of finalizing a number of questions and answers in order to address all the related issues, resulting from the use of “Hub Clerk” or “Loaner Clerks”, as they are sometimes called. We believe this is always the right thing to do if you can create more job opportunities for membership.

In another pioneering case (Q90C-4Q-C 93034647), the union deplored the inclusion of the notion of “other duties as assigned” in service assignments if it was not included in the default position description. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE AND AMERICAN POSTAL WORKERS UNION, AFL-CIO MOU RE: Senior Mail Processors (SMP) PS-6 in Non-Maintenance Capable Offices 1)The determination of the “recklessness” of an office for the purposes of this Statement of Intent (MOU) is subject to the provisions of 2 herewith. The lead bidder for all SMP positions and mixed service assignments including SMP tasks enters a reprieve phase and obtains appropriate combinations of training, testing and practical demonstration of performance in the actual position. Permanent assignment to the service is deferred until the above requirements are successfully met. If the employee does not satisfactorily meet these requirements or does not withdraw, the employee is reappointed to his or her previous assignment and the next principal bidder is sent to training. . . .

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