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Advice From An Older Server

Denying it just makes you this guy

Last night Senor Esparza, my girlfriend, and myself went to go see John Heffron at the local comedy club.  It was actually a pretty good set.  One bit in particular resonated with me.  He dedicated part of his routine to informing the young men in the audience of some of the things that would happen to them, as they grew older.  As I laughed hysterically, Senor Esparza sat mildly amused.  The nine-year age difference allowed me to relate as Esparza held out hope it wouldn’t happen to him.

While I won’t go all Carlos Mencia and steal the bit, there are a few things that I think younger servers don’t realize will happen to them too as they age.  After 15 years in the industry, I have recognized a few unavoidable consequences of prolonged exposure to the restaurant life.  Many of the younger readers will refuse to acknowledge that it will happen to them.  Ignore this insight at your own peril.  I come from a future time when you will be remarkably like me and all the other old servers out there.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

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